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johnson has more. >> reporter: almost 20% of u.s. adolescents have trouble sleeping or are sleep deprived. a study in the canadian medical association journal looked at more than 4,000 adolescents. those who had trouble sleeping had a higher body mass index, larger waist size, higher cholesterol and blood pressure. those who just didn't get enough sleep had higher body mass index and larger waist size. a high sleep disturbance score was associated with higher consumption of fried food, soft drinks sweets and snacks. the authors conclude poor sleep hygiene amongst adolescents appears to be associated with increased cardiovascular risk and they say improving sleep hygiene early in life may be important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease later in life. for cardiovascular disease later in life. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> wow. >> how do you feel about our job right now? >> great. >> scary. >> i feel great about it. >> every story we do about sleep deprivation freaks me out. >> i can survive on five hours a night. teens need nine hours. ironically the school day, done a lot of resear
. and i think it was great. i liked it a lot. >> i am a fan of the director, ryan johnson. i liked his first two movies also, but this was a huge step forward for him artistically. >> everybody really had a good time in the film. and i agree with that. >> think about time travel. never been disappointed. >> it wasn't the typical time travel movie, very forward-thinking. so i think everybody should go out there and see it. i'm giving it four out of five stars, which is huge for me. >> basque basically. which is great because you're tough. >> which is huge. a great movie. must-see, you should go check it out. everybody should go check it out. >> you know what we're going do right now? we're going to travel back in time. >> we are? >> yeah. >> this whole show. you don't, you have no idea what is coming up next. >>> this morning on "world news now" -- airport anxiety. new trouble for the tsa. >> in the latest security breach, a loaded .38 caliber gun makes it through undetected. it is monday, october 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> october 1st. how did this h
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)